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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the valley is off to a deadly start.. one person .. already shot and killed.. before noon today. i'm christine maddela. john huck is off tonight. the shooting happened in the far-northeast valley - on smokey fog avenue - near centennial parkway and lamb. that's where fox five's miguel martinez-valle is tonight. miguel, you've been talking to police on scene to find out new information. its a tragic start to the new year for at least one family, a 41 year old man was shot and died from those wounds... and police dont think it was a random act of violence... you can see behind me a lot of police presence ... theyre still investigating ... ut they got here around noon after getting calls reporting a gun shot... they found a 41 year old mamainjured, medics later declared him
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shot following an argument , people reported hearing shouting coming from the same home as the gun shot.... aaron patty, pio north las vegas police "you know what this is really unfortunate especially being the first day of new years, we were happy that it was fairly quiet last night but this is no way to start the new year." police do believe the suspect and the person shot knew each other... they are saying the suspect lives in the same residential area... inside the home where shots were fired, family members and even children... no one else was reported injured. the suspect did run from the scene after the shooting..., as you can see here the scene still very much active... police spent the greater part of the afternoon interviewing potential witnesses. theyre still looking for a suspect but they description of the person theyre new year's eve rollover crash last night. it happened near craig road - around 10 p-m - when according to witnesses - the car was speeding and hit the dividing wall - before rolling across the travel lanes -
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road. two people inside the car - both from las vegas and both in their twenties - were killed but have not yet been identified. no other cars were involved. u-s 95 at ann road was shut down for hours overnight after a wrong way driver triggered a multi-car crash. the first calls came in just after 11:30 last night. one of our editors actually came within inches of the driver near buffalo on the 95. troopers say the driver crashed into three cars at ann road, injuring a number of people. the wrong way driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. other victims injuries. n-h-p says it wrong way driver was driving under the influence. both of those crashes - proving sign for 2017... and a goal of zero fatalities on nevada roads. fox5's abby theodros joins us live in the fox 5 newsroom .. with more on what law enforcement is doing to keep the streets safe.
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nevada's highway patrol say it's all about educating the public about responsible driving. and with the new year - they're hoping for a fresh start. in the hours before the new year - nevada's highway patrol arrested 22 people for dui, responded to 3 hit and runs and one crash with two deaths. trooper loy hixon says the numberr of crashes they handled is disheartening .. because most of them - are preventable . tpr. loy hixon: when people understand that when they get behind the wheel that it's a huge responsibility - that it's a responsibility not only for themselves people in the vehicle but also people in the road way - when they realize that they follow the rules of the road they keep themselves safe since may two thousand eleven - the state has pushed its zero fatalities campaign. and with another year in the books- hixon says the campaign is more important than ever. deadly crashes were up 17 percent in 2015 from the previous year. our preliminary numbers are showing that we are gong to be well
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what more can we do? the campaign targets things we can all easily do to help to lower the potential for reducing traffic related deaths. including just wearing a seatbelt - and more challenging ones like pedestrian and qntersection safety. thats the one that seems to stick out to us every year. because we focus on it so much, we push that campaign and that message of making sure that when pedestrians are out there they do use the cross walk and they're paying attention but hixon says it's not only pedestrians... the drivers. you do have some pedestrians that are of course following those rules but the drivres again, focused on everything else other than their driving... that they say they dont see that pedestrian. and with the start of the new year - hixson is hopeful this year will be better.. we know 2015 left us on a sad note especially for hte nevada highway patrol we can make thsi a great year we can lower those numbers tpr. loy hixon: always buckle up, never drive impaired died in 2015 in a car crash. sixty were
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trooper hixson says the highway administration agency will continue to push the zero fatality campaign until that number stays at zero. the "zero fatalities" campaign also has a program - to educate motorists through p-s-a's and online learning. we have a link to their website - at fox five vegas dot com. metro police have one less cruiser tonight after an officer lost control an smashed into a wall at clark high school. police say the officer was trying to catch someone who had run from him when he lost control in the school's parking lot.. ending up into the wall at the tennis courts. the officer was not injured .. and the person got away. police are not saying why they were chasing the person. still no official word on the identity - of a person shot and killed by police. police say it happened when officers were trying to find the man - on gilded
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durango and desert inn. u.s. marshals had been conductin surveillance on the man when they lost sight of him they asked metro for help locating him. two metro officers found a man they say matched the description given to them by marshals. "they began giving commands to the suspect to drop the firearm, the suspect did not drop the object that was in his hand, at one point they told the suspect not to advance on the officers, told him to drop the firearm again. the suspect advanced on the officers concealing his right hand where the officers believed he was holding a firearm. " that's when officers fired weapons at the suspect - hitting him several times - and killing him. police now say he did not have a gun .. and that he was holding a cell phone. family members of the man police shot are speaking out today - hear from them tonight on fox5 vegas at ten. with a new year...
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nevada legislators passed in spring take effect in whole or in part today. one law requires day care centers to schedule active playtime for children and limit sedentary activities. another paves the way for voters to get their sample ballots via email. another measure requires school districts to set aside money to give teachers performance- based bonuses - and doesn't allow the money to be swept elsewhere through union contracts. lawmakers meet for four months every two years. they're not expected to start churning out another batch of new laws until 2017. starting today, it costs more to get into lake mead recreational area. this is a national fee increase. with the change-- if you buy a year pass.. it will stay in effect for an entire year from the date purchased... before it would expire at the end of the each calendar year. here you go .. these are the new fees for 2016. an annual pass will cost you 40- dollars. a 7-day vehicle pass is now 20- dollars .. this covers everyone in the vehicle.
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motorcycle pass is now 15-dollars. and a 7-day walking or cycling pass is 10. next .. a look back at last night's celebrations here in the valley and the strange ways the new year is welcomed in across the nation. and with the new year come new memberships to local gyms.. but not everyone likes seeing this surge of people. and then .. a different way to year hangover. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 6.
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from las vegas. you're watching fox5 news at six. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteoroligist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 6 o'clock. local las vegas. last night fireworks shot off from the rooftops of seven strip casinos... to ring in the new year. and we were there in the thick of it all! this video is from the foundation room at mandalay bay, ghostbar at the palms, drai's nightclub and the
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fireworks show was choreographed to a special playlist... thankfully, the winds didn't pick up last night, so the big show went off without a hitch. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year, happy new year!" another big celebration was held downtown on fremont street. that was las vegas mayor carolyn goodman doing the final countdown to teh new year. the party on teh fremont street experience was packed .. as people got enjoy more than a dozen bands. then overnight.. crews worked hard to get it all cleaned up and ready for the weekend. forget the fireworks and the ball drop... there were several other unique ways americans rang in the new year! this was the scene in atlanta. yes, that's a giant peach! they celebrate every year with the giant peach drop. and check this out! this is how they celebrate in raleigh, north carolina.
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large crowds gathering in downtown orlando last night to welcome in the new year with the flordia orange drop. and what better way to ring in 20-16 in memphis than with the guitar drop! it did however get stuck at the top initially .. but was eventually lowered to the ground. and last but not least, those celebrating 2016 in mobile, alabama did so with the annual moon pie drop! "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year!" and finally to key west, florida.. for the drag queen drop. in her 19th straight year, sushi the drag queen dropped at midnight from a red shoe. the key west celebration included a wedding -- as sushi married her long-time partner as the clock turned to midnight. sushi's alter-ego gary marion -- said he wanted to wait until same-sex marriage was
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states before tying the knot. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) welcome to 2016. for the next few days expect to see increasing cloudiness and slightly warmer temperatures. as a low approaches the coast on monday it will help deliver some unstable weather to our area staring tuesday. rain
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tuesday and wednesday to 60%. then on thursday we see rain potentially sticking around with the chance of rain at 50%. the threat remains friday but not as high. temperatures for the week will
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just slightly below normal. welcome to 2016. for the next few days expect to see increasing cloudiness and slightly warmer temperatures. as a
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coast on monday it will help deliver some unstable weather to our area staring tuesday. rain chances increase tuesday and wednesday to 60%. then on thursday we see rain potentially sticking around with the chance of rain at 50%. the threat remains friday but not as high. temperatures for the week will remain around or just slightly below normal. closed captioning
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it's a new year -- which means it's time to hit the gym for so many people. and as is the case many years .. the first week or two after the new year means local gyms will be packed with new members. some regulars we spoke to at this "las vegas athletic club" say they're stuck waiting for equipment. marisol franko / lvac regular "it's a lot more crowded everywhere. the locker rooms, the steam room, the machines, and then at the end, it empties." frequent gym- goers say the resolutions usually don't last - and the workout areas tend to clear out by february. yesterday at this time .. we told you how to try avoid getting a hangover.. which of course many people did not do.
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people who were trying a different way of getting rid of their new year hangover. at this medical spa inside the mgm on the strip ... you can pay to get fluids put directly back into your bloodstream through an i-v. richard peterson / trying to feel better "i decided yesterday i would come here this morning because i knew i would party that hard. i knew i would need to get re- amped up, just get rehydrated." "i felt it immediatly. i felt it just like they told me i would. and i'm ready to keep going" workers at this clinic told us they expected to be extremely busy this afternoon .. once people woke up. they also provide in-room services .. but that will cost you extra. coming up .. an earthquake hits oklahoma city during the morning news... we'll show you the on-air reaction as it happened. and a new look at the devestation happenening in the midwest as the mighty mississippi keeps flooding
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iconic r&b star natalie cole has died at the age of 65. the grammy winner and daughter of the legendary nat king cole reportedly died in a los angeles hospital late last night. cole passed away from congestive heart failure -- although underlying medical issues were hepatitis c and complications from a kidney transplant six years ago.
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to cancel several concert tour dates due to illness. cole attributed the earlier illness to her struggles with cocaine and heroin. her hits include "this will be," "unforgettable" and "inseparable." the area around saint louis starting to recover from flooding that's claimed nearly two dozen lives. but the region remains water- logged. and at least four people are still missing. fox news correspondent matt finn is in fenton, missouri with the story. devastating flooding in the midwest carries over into the new year. homes, cars, and infrastructure in the region hit hard. roads in missouri beginning to clear up, with all interstates now open after crews worked to pump out excess water. anton says: " see this and all the workers and everything going on . i'm 68 now never seen anything i have been in a war never seen anything like this." the worst flooding seen along the meramec river. in arnold... parts... completely water- logged. police say 145- thousand sandbags
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enough to keep the town dry. murphy says: "..i feel bad for all the people in the area who have homes and who are trying to get things dried out. it's going to be a long process." sekarski-budding says: "..crazy." merkel says: "'s historic." one person says his home could be a total loss. maxey says: "..we're really kicking around if we're even gonna come back here. we just don't know. my house smells like sewage and i don't think that will ever come out of there." illinois also getting inundated. the state's governor touring flood damaged areas. rauner says: "..we've seen the worst of it. hopefully we won't get anymore rain over the next couple weeks. we'll keep our fingers crossed." (on cam tag) in arnold, missouri, up to two hundred homes affected or destroyed by the flood. the mayor there saying this is the worst natural disaster the town has ever seen. in fenton, missouri, matt finn, fox news. an earthquake rattled parts of oklahoma this morning.. and it happened as a local tv station was on-air.. :00 - :16 "we're having another earthquake right now. the studio lights are
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we just had a big earthquake. that was a big one. you saw it here live, wow. another one. wow." it was a four- point-two magnitude quake .. not big for california standards ... but big in oklahoma city. there were no reports of any injuries or damage. activity. still ahead tonight .. new year babies in the valley.. and as luck would have it ... there are two of them .. both born at the same time .. to different parents.. at different hospitals. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership?
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yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta
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we have two new year babies to tell you about tonight... both born at 12:04 this morning at different hospitals and to different parents. first .. say hello to 18-hour old "ramone hernandez" ... he was born at mountain view hospital to parents jazmine and marco. the newborn baby boy weighed in at 6-and-a-half pounds and was 18-and-a-half inches long. jazmine megia "i started getting pains around 3:45 and i cam to the hospital, at fir they wern't going to admit me because it wasn't consistant enough, but they started getting really really strong and so they called my doctor, they admitted me and i had a baby
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over at centennial hills hospital.. parents laura and alberto welcomed a daughter into their world. the healthy girl was also born at 12:04 a-m. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. finally tonight ... "i started getting pains around 3:45 and i cam to the coming up next. now on "more access" -- fireworks - famous faces - and star studded performances!! vegas rang in 2016 with tons of celebrity style - and from the surprise appearances to the a-list shows, we've got your all-access pass to the biggest new year's eve party on the planet! then - what brought vince neil to tears? see what made this vegas rocker reveal his sensitive side.
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for "jen-uary"! jlo gets set to
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